Simple Trick for Korean Language Learning

Korean language learning becomes a lot easier once its development procedure is recognized. Oriental consonants have main foundation consonants which are depictions of the form of the dental body organs as the lip, tooth, tongue, form of the throat, the form of the tongue root touching molars. 17 consonants are developed by adding lines to the 5 primary foundation consonants.

  • Lip sounds; Mium is the shape of the top and reduced lips touching each various other when making the ‘mium’ sound – derivates of ‘Mium’ are ‘Biup’ and ‘Piup’. Lip sounding consonants are Mium, Biup and also Piup.
  • Teeth appears; Shiot – the right line represents the tongue touching the inner top front teeth while the left stands for the direction the wind is available in when making the ‘sh’ noise from a profile sight- derivates of ‘Shiot are ‘Jiut’ and ‘Chiut’.
  • Tongue seems: ‘Nieun’ – Nieun is the tongue form in the idea area when pronouncing ‘Nieun’. wouldigeud’ and also ‘Tigeud’ are derivates of ‘Nieun’.
  • Molar audios; ‘Ghiok’ is the shape of the tongue origin touching the internal molar as when pronouncing ‘Ghiok’. ‘Kiok’ and also ‘yet old eeung’ are by-products of ‘Ghiok’.
  • Throat seems; ‘Eeung’ is the form of the throat when making the audio ‘eeung’. ‘yeorin weak eeung’ and ‘heeut’ are derivates of ‘eeung’.
  • Half tongue appears; ‘Rrheel’ is the form of the front tongue location made to look corrugated when pronouncing the sound ‘rrheel’. Derivative of ‘rrheel’ is arestriction half shiot’.

Korean vowels have three structure words that represent the sky, the earth and human being. This is based upon a metaphysical and also philosophical principle. 11 vowels are developed by the complying with mix.

Korean Language

  • – Sky – the skies, the planet and also human being icon develop the foundation
  • the earth sign: by including the sky icon to the planet and human being symbol the adhering to by-products are created: ‘o’, ‘ah’, ‘eu’ and ‘eo’.
  • the human being symbol: ‘yo’ is the mix of ‘o’ and ‘eeh’, ‘ya’ is the mix of ‘eeh’ and two skies symbols, ‘yu’ is the combination of ‘eu and ‘eeh’, ‘yeo’ is the combination of ‘eo’ and ‘ee’.

Representations of the concepts above are clarified at How to Speak Korean.

Recognizing these fundamental historic principles on how theĀ hoc tieng han tai da nang Hangeul was produced will certainly aid the Korean language learning process along with making it easier to recognize the minor distinctions in the pronunciations of specific words.


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